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Tim is buying snacks for the Mathletes, who love microwave popcorn. When Tim looks at the popcorn selection he notices many brands and different prices. He wonders if the cost is related to the quality of the popcorn. To answer his question, he purchases a random sample of popcorn bags and records their price. When it is time for the Mathletes meeting he pops each bag in the same microwave, opens each bag, and counts the number of unpopped kernels.   

Price ($)

# Unpopped

  1. Make a scatterplot on graph paper and draw the line of best fit. Choose two points on your drawn line and use them to determine the equation of the line of best fit. What do the slope and the y-intercept represent in your equation?

    Answers may vary.

  2. Estimate the number of unpopped kernels (after cooking) in a bag that costs .

  • Use the scatterplot that you created in part (a) to estimate how many unpopped kernels a bag of popcorn will have with the price of .

Use the eTool below to help solve the problem.
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