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Mr. Saksunn is concerned both about his students’ scores on the last math test, and about the number of students looking tired in class. He decides to see if there is a relationship between the number of tired or sleepy behaviors (yawns, nodding-off, head on desk) a student exhibits and their test score. He has his assistant observe students and count the number of tired behaviors during one week of class.

Tired Behaviors

Test Score

  1. Make a scatterplot on graph paper and draw the line of best fit. Determine the equation of the line of best fit.

    Place the Tired Behaviors on the -axis and Test Score on the -axis for your scatterplot.

    The test score is . The number of tired behaviors is .

  2. Using your equation from part (a), predict the test score of a student who exhibits tired behaviors during Professor Saksunn’s math class in a week.

    Substituting in for results in .