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Trace the figures in parts (a) and (b) onto your paper and perform the indicated transformations. Copy the figure from part (c) onto graph paper and perform the indicated transformation. Label each image with prime notation .   

  1. Rotate counter-clockwise about point

Irregular pentagon, E,F,G,H,I, with bottom left vertex labeled, E, with consecutive letters increasing clockwise. sides as follows: Side E,I, horizontal, Side E,F, vertical, side F,G, diagonally down & right, Side G,H, diagonally up & right, side, H,I, vertical. Point z, outside of pentagon, on the right, about midway in height between vertices H, & I.

Review the Math Notes box in Lesson 3.1.4.

  1. Reflect over line
    A horizontal dashed line, labeled, t, with a irregular pentagon, J,K,L,M,N, above the line. Top vertex labeled, K, with consecutive letters, increasing clockwise. Sides as follows: Side LM, is vertical, side MN, diagonally down & left, side JN, diagonally up & left, side JK, diagonally up & right, side KL, diagonally down & right.

    Review the Math Notes box in Lesson 3.1.4.

  1. Translate down units and left unitsFirst quadrant coordinate grid, with trapezoid A,B,C,D, as follows: vertex A, at point (6, comma 9), vertex B, at point (10, comma 9), vertex C, at point (11, comma 5), vertex D, at point (5, comma 5).

    Recall a translation moves every point a specified amount and direction.

Use the eTool below to solve each part.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 4-38 HW eTool