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In the figure below, if and , prove that . Record your reasoning in a flowchart.
2 obtuse triangles overlap each other. Triangle Q,R,P, with side Q,R, on the top, & angle Q is obtuse. Triangle Q,R,S, also with side Q,R, on the top, & angle R is obtuse. Sides Q,S, & R,P, intersect at point, t.

Read the Math Notes box from lesson 7.1.7 for for triangle congruence conditions.

Flow Chart Proof with a total of 4 bubbles. Bubbles 1, 2 & 3, each have an arrow, pointing to the fourth bubble.  The bubbles are labeled as follows: Bubble 1: P,Q, = S,R, &, given. Bubble 2: Q,R, = R,Q, &, segment congruent to itself.  Bubble 3: P,R, = S,Q, &, given. Bubble 4: triangle P,Q,R, is congruent to triangle S,R,Q, & S,S,S similarity.