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Coach Ron has athletes trying out for openings on the varsity basketball team. As part of the tryout he has each player run a mile, and Ron records their time and heart rate as they finish. Coach Ron made a scatterplot as follows.

A scatter plot with horizontal axis labeled Mile Time inn minutes scaled by 0.5 from 5.5 to 8.5. The vertical axis labeled Heart Rate in beats per minutes scaled by tens from 130 to 190. Points representing the given data are scattered on the first quadrant. The L,S,R,L, is given as y = 173 minus 2.0 x and r = negative 0.119.



  1. Ron’s assistant Cheryl believes they can still find something useful in the results. She proposes that if heart rates could be considered the level of effort given, some athletes might stand out as more or less desirable for the team. Cheryl divided the scatterplot into four quadrants and put the new labels on the axes. She also labeled each point. She drew the following scatterplot.

    Describe the association to Coach Ron in detail.

    Is there any order to the data? Are there any outliers?

  2. Coach Cheryl believes that the farther a player is from the center, the more they help or hurt the team. Give specific advice to Coach Ron about players .

    Example: - Ran a fast mile but seemed to be giving little effort. This athlete might already be in outstanding physical condition or have an attitude problem.

    Give Coach Ron similar advice about player .

The same scatter plot as above with each point labeled with its corresponding letter given in the table. A horizontal line just below y = 160 is labeled faster runner on the left and slower runner on the right. A vertical line at x = 7 is labeled less effort on the bottom and more effort on the top.