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The Battle Creek Bakery makes bread in large batches. Yeast is added to the bread dough to create carbon dioxide gas bubbles in the dough. The tiny gas bubbles give the bread its light texture. They also make the dough increase in size over time, a process called rising. Below is data collected from six batches of dough.   

Rising Time

Volume of the Batch
(cubic inches)



  1. Use your calculator to determine the equation of the . Sketch the scatterplot.

  2. Sketch the residual plot and interpret it.

    Read the Math Notes box in Section 4.2.2 on residual plots.

  3. Since this equation involves increasing growth over time, try fitting an exponential model to your data. What is the equation of the exponential model that fits the data?

  4. Make a residual plot for the exponential model and interpret it.

Use the eTool below for help with the problem.
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