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At the Keaveny Hardware Manufacturing Company they need to meet very specific criteria for the diameter of # wood screws. The diameter must be of an inch. The diameter cannot vary more than of an inch. Write and solve an appropriate absolute value inequality for this situation. Graph your solution.   

Review Section 9.1.3 on absolute value equations and inequalities, specifically problem 9-29.

Solid circle, with horizontal arrow across the circle, labeled, diameter, 3 sixteenths. Smaller dashed circle, & larger dashed circle, all share the most left point of the circles. Smaller circle, labeled, 3 sixteenths minus 1 60 fourth. Larger circle, labeled, 3 sixteenths + 1 60 fourth.

Number line, solid points at 11 60 fourths & 13 60 fourths, with shading between the points.

Use the eTool below to graph the inequality.
Click link at the right to view full eTool version : 9-94 HW eTool