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If no sides of a triangle have the same length, the triangle is called scalene (pronounced SKAY-leen). And, as you might remember, if the triangle has at least two sides that are the same length, the triangle is called isosceles. Use the markings or description in each diagram below to decide if is isosceles or scalene. Assume the diagrams are not drawn to scale.

Sides with the same markings mean the lengths are the same.

  1. Triangle A B C. Sides A, C, and B, C, are marked with double tick marks.


  1. Triangle A, B, C. Side A ,C, is marked with a single tick mark. Side A, B, is marked with a double tick mark. Side B, C, is marked with a triple tick mark.


  1.  is a square
    Square A, B, D, C, is cut diagonally from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. This forms triangles A B C and B C D.