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Copy the Venn diagram below on your paper. Then show where each person described below should be represented in the diagram. If a portion of the Venn diagram remains empty, describe the qualities a person would need to belong there.

Venn Diagram with 2 circles that overlap, left Circle labeled, number 1, Studies a lot of for class, right Circle labeled, number 2, Has long hair.

Refer to problem 1-3 about Venn Diagrams.

For each part, think about whether the person described studies a lot for class and has long hair.

If they have long hair, they belong in circle #2.
If they study a lot, they should be in circle #1.
If both, they should be in the overlap of the two circles.
If neither, they should be outside both circles.

  1. Carol: “I rarely study and enjoy braiding my long hair.”

    Carol is in circle #2 only.

  2. Bob: “I never do homework and have a crew cut.

  3. Pedro: “I love joining after school study teams to prepare for tests, and I like being bald!”

  4. Toby: “I really love playing in my heavy metal band, but now that I am enrolled at MIT, I have to study all the time and don’t have much time to play. My mom really wishes that I would cut my long, messy hair.”