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Without referring to your Polygon Graphic Organizer, see if you can recall the names of each of the shapes below. How did you do? Check your answers on your Polygon Graphic Organizer.

Consider the number of sides, side lengths and angle measures.

  1. A 3 sided figure with 1 tick mark on two of the sides.

  1. A 5 sided polygon, all 5 angles, all 5 sides, each labeled with 1 tick mark.

  1. A 4 sided figure with one arrow each on two opposite sides, and two arrows each on the other two opposite sides.

  1. A three sided figure with 1 tick mark on one of the sides, 2 tick marks on a second side, and 3 tick marks on the third side.

obtuse scalene triangle

  1. A 3 sided figure with a tiny square in the corner where two of the sides meet. Both sides are each marked with 1 tick mark.

isosceles right triangle

  1. A 4 sided figure where two opposite sides are marked each with a single arrow.