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Match each table of data below with the most appropriate graph and briefly explain why it matches the data.  

Time will always be shown on the .

  1. Boiling water cooling down

    Time (min.)



    Temp. (C)







    Determine if the are increasing or decreasing.

    Since the numbers for the are decreasing, the only graph which fits is Graph .

  2. Cost of a phone call

    Time (min.)









    Cost (cent.)









    Are the increasing at a constant rate?

    This could be Graph or Graph , but the table would not contain the point , so it must be Graph .

  3. Growth of a baby in the womb

    Age (months)










    Length (inches)








    Identify the pattern of how the length increases.

    Graph fits best.

Graph 1
Graph 1 is an increasing line starting at the origin.

Graph 2
Graph 2 has horizontal lines stepping up as x increases.

Graph 3
Graph 3 is a decreasing curve leveling out as x increases.

Graph 4
Graph 4 is slowly increasing, then increases very quickly, and then increases slowly leveling out.

Graph 5
Graph 5 is rapidly increasing, then increases more slowly, and then increases rapidly again.