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For the rectangle shown at right, write an equation to show that the area as a product of the dimensions is equivalent to the area as a sum of the tiles. Remember to combine like terms whenever possible.

Original rectangle of algebra tiles, labeled, left side, 2,x + 3. Bottom side labeled, 4,x + 5. Additional rectangles: 2 rows of 4 x square tiles, labeled 8 x squared. 3 rows of 4 horizontal x tiles, labeled, 12,x. 2 rows of 5 vertical x tiles, labeled 10,x. 3 rows of 5 unit tiles, labeled, 15.

Positive algebra tiles connected in rows to form a large rectangle. First row: 4 horizontal x tiles, and 5 unit tiles. Second and third rows are the same as the first row. Fourth row: 4 x squared tiles and 5 vertical x tiles. Fifth row is same as the fourth row.