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Examine each diagram below. Which diagrams are possible? Which are impossible? Justify each conclusion.

What properties do you know about the sides and angles in triangles?

  1. A right triangle with a base of 14 meters, height 5 meters, and hypotenuse 20 meters.

    Since the figure in part (a) is a right triangle, it must satisfy the Pythagorean Theorem.

  1. A transversal line that cuts two lines that appear parallel. About the point of intersection of top parallel line and the transversal is the interior right angle, 50 degrees. About the point of intersection of bottom parallel line and the transversal is the exterior right angle, 48 degrees.

    Possible (the two lines are not marked as parallel).

  1. A triangle with the following interior angles: top 63 degrees, left 59 degrees, and right 57 degrees.

    The sum of angles in a triangle is always .

  1. Triangle with sides labeled as follows: left, 25 ft, right, 24 ft, bottom, 2 ft.

  1. Triangle labeled as follows: right side, 10 cm, bottom side, 10 ft, bottom left angle, 62 degrees, bottom right angle, 59 degrees.