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In at right, . What is: 

  1. How do the end points of and relate?

  1. Notice . If A is the center, then what is true about the lines and , and consequently and ?

    What is true about the sum of and ?

  1. See hint from part (a).

  1. If A is the center, then the line must be the circle's diameter.

    What does that mean for the the arc or semi-circle?

  1. See hints for part (b).

  1. Use the answer from part (e) and hints from part (b).

A circle, with center point A, has 5 points clockwise about the circle, B, F, E, D, C, Line segments connect the following pairs of points: from, C to F, through, A, from, A, to B, from, B, to C, from, B, to D, from, B, to E, from, D to F, from, F to e.