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Jill’s business hosting birthday parties for children has been very successful. She now offers a special party package for large parties.

  1. For her large party package, the party is held in a private room at a pizza parlor. The pizza parlor charges for the use of the room, plus per guest. Write a function that represents the cost per guest for a party.

    Use as the number of guests.
    Which cost is dependent on ?

  2. If Jill charges per guest for the party package, write a function to represent her profit.

    Profit is the total amount you make minus the amount it costs to hold the party.

  3. Jill wants to make at least profit each time she hosts a party. Write an inequality to represent this situation. What should she require as the minimum number of guests for the large party package?

    Use your equation from part (b) and the fact that this amount must be more than .