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A regular hexagonal prism has a volume of cm and the base has an edge length of cm. What are the height and surface area of the prism?

Start by finding the area of the base of the prism

Divide the hexagon into six triangles.

Find by dividing the central angle of the hexagon by .

Divide the triangles in half to make two right triangles.

Solve for unknown angles. Is this a special triangle?

When you find the area of the -- triangle, multiply it by in order to find the area of the hexagon.

A regular hexagon with a base of 14 centimeters.

A triangle A, B, C, where B, C = 14.

Triangle A prime, B prime, D prime where B prime D prime is 7.

Once you have the height of the prism, you have all the information necessary to find the surface area.