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A line, e, x, is tangent to a circle, with center, o, and radius, o, x, at the point, x. Line segment, from, o, to, e, intersects the circle at point, n.In the figure at right, is tangent to at point . cm and cm. 

  1. What is the area of the circle?

    First find the length of the radius by using the pythagorean theorem. Refer to the figure at right for help visualizing the problem.

    Area cm

    Right triangle, O,E,X, labeled as follows: Horizontal leg, XE, labeled 15 cm. Vertical leg, XO, labeled, r, & hypotenuse, OE, labeled 20 cm.

  2. What is the area of the sector bounded by and ?

    Use trig identities to help you find .

  3. What is the area of the region bounded by and ?

    Subtract the area of the sector you found in part (b) from the area of .