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Calculate the perimeter of each shape below. Assume the diagram in part (b) is a parallelogram.

  1. A right triangle with a top base of 7 millimeters. 45 degrees angles is in between the top base and hypotenuse.

    This is a - - triangle. The other side is therefore mm and the hypotenuse is mm.

  1. A parallelogram with a horizontal span of 30 meters from the far left vertex to the far right vertex. The top base 18 meters. A right triangle is created by a line segment of 9 m perpendicular to the bases meeting at a vertex.

    The unknown sides both have the same length and are the hypotenuses of special right triangles which have the side ratio --.

  1. This is an enclosed figure. Draw 7 units, right, down, 6, left 11.  Then draw a line upward at a 60 degree angle until the top of the line is vertically over the start of the 7 unit line.  Drop a perpendicular line to the 7 unit line to enclose the figure. All units are in inches.