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Use circle relationships to solve for the variables in each of the diagrams below.

  1. and intersect at

    Circle with 2 intersecting chords, C D,  & A B, intersecting a point labeled, e, segments, C E, &, E D, each labeled with 1 tick mark, segment, E D, labeled, k, segment, E B labeled, 8, & segment, A E, labeled, 18.

  1. Point is the center.

    Circle with center, C, radius labeled, r, and chord labeled, 10. Minor Arc intercepted by chord, labeled 50 degrees. Major arc labeled, z.

    Draw a perpendicular bisector on the chord to the center of the circle, and then create two triangles.

    Added to diagram, line segments from, C, to each end of the chord, and from, C, through, and perpendicular to chord. Left triangle sides labeled, hypotenuse, r, half of chord, 5, and central angle labeled, 25 degrees.