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For each of the diagrams below, write and solve an equation for the given variable. For parts (a) and (b), assume that C is the center of the circle. Show all work.

  1. A circle with center labeled C, 2 separate segments, from C to the circle, one labeled, 3, M, + 9, and, other labeled, 5, M, + 1.

    Radii of circles always have the same distance.

  1. A circle, center labeled, C, with a central angle labeled, 3, X, minus 9 degrees, and an inscribed angle, labeled, X, + 4 degrees. Each angle intercepts the same arc.

    Remember that an inscribed angle measures half of a central angle.

  1. A right triangle, labeled as follows: hypotenuse, P, horizontal leg, P, minus 2, vertical leg, 6.

  1. A four sided polygon, with interior angles labeled as follows: 2, T + 9 degrees, 3, T, + 1 degrees, 8, T, minus 10 degrees, and 5, t.

    The sum of a quadrilateral's interior angles is always .