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Jewel is playing catch with her little sister. On the first throw, her sister throws the ball up into the air from a height of feet above the ground. The throw is a little wild, and seconds after her sister throws it, the ball grazes Jewel’s shoulder inches above the ground. It continues flying up and then lands on the ground behind Jewel about seconds after her sister lets the ball fly.

To avoid being hit again, Jewel decides to use a mobile app to collect data for the second throw. She records the data below.

Time (s)

Height (ft)

  1. For which throw does the ball stay in the air longer? Explain.

    Notice that at the end of the table, the ball has still not reached the ground.

  2. What is the average velocity of each throw for the first seconds?

    Compare the heights from seconds to seconds for both throws.

  3. Which throw reaches a greater height? Explain.

    The second throw.