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For each triangle below, decide if it is similar to the triangle at right. If it is similar, justify your conclusion and complete the similarity statement _____. If the triangle is not similar, explain how you know. Assume that the diagrams are not drawn to scale.

Triangle, A, B, C, labeled as follows: side, A, B, 13, side, B, C, 10, side, A, C, 5, angle, A, 43 degrees, angle, B, 20 degrees.

  1. Triangle, D, E, F, labeled as follows: angle D, 117 degrees, angle F, 43 degrees.

    Solve for the third angle of each triangle. What do you notice?

  1. Triangle, K, L, M, labeled as follows: side, K, L, 18, side, L, M, 9, side K, M, 23.4.

    Scale factors may not necessarily be whole numbers.

  1. Triangle, X, Y, Z, labeled as follows: side, X, Y, 9, side, Y, Z, 4, side X, Z, 12.

    How is this triangle different from that of part (b)?

    Not similar. Why?