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​​ Determine the area of each of the following figures. Assume that all angles that look like right angles are right angles.

  1. 8 sided Figure, Constructed & labeled as follows, starting in the lower left corner. up 2', right 1', up & right an unknown amount, across 4', down & right, same slope as other side, an unknown amount, right 1', down an unknown amount, left 8', enclosing the figure. Horizontal Dashed segment connects the 1' sides, & another dashed segment, perpendicular to it, extending to the top, labeled 3'.

    Notice there is a trapezoid and rectangle in the diagram.

    sq. ft.

  1. Rectangle, labeled 6' high, by 5' wide, with a triangle extended from the top side, with a dashed line from the top vertex, perpendicular to the top of the rectangle, labeled 3'. Another triangle, extended from the right side, sharing bottom vertex with bottom right vertex of rectangle. Triangle has shared side with rectangle, labeled 4', & perpendicular segment from right vertex to opposite side, labeled 2'.

    Notice the dashed lines at the base of each triangle. Try to find the area of each shape and add them together to find the total area.

    sq. ft.