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Match each scenario to a graph that could represent it. 

  1. The number of students in a classroom throughout one school day. 

    The graph will be fairly constant during class time and change between periods.

    Graph 3.

  2. The total number of tickets sold for the Joshua Beatble concert. 

    People purchasing tickets will result in a graph that is increasing at all times.

  3. An athlete’s time for the -meter run over a given track season.

    The -meter time will typically decrease for someone over the season.

    Graph 4.

first quadrant Graphs. Graph 1: Increasing curve, opening down. Graph 2: decreasing line from top left, to bottom right.Graph 3: Graph rises rapidly, levels off, dips slightly, then rises slightly higher, levels, dips slightly, rises higher & levels off, decreases to the x axis, rapidly, the rises to the same height as first increase levels off, dips slightly, rises higher & levels off, dips lower, then rises less than fourth rise, then drops to the x axis.Graph 4: Deceasing curve, opening up. Graph 5: Downward parabola, with point on the origin.