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Examine the diagram at right. If passes through point , then answer the questions below.

  1. Are the triangles similar? If so, make a flowchart justifying your answer.

    What do the tick marks on the angles mean? What is the ? How can these help you determine if the triangles are similar?

  2. Are the triangles congruent? Explain how you know.

    Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the length of 

Two right triangles connected side by side with one side longer than the second. The right triangle A, D, B, on the left has a bottom leg of 12 and a hypotenuse of 15. Angle A is marked with a tick mark. Angle B is 90 degrees. The right triangle E, B, C, has a bottom leg of 9. Angle E is marked with a tick mark. Side B, D is vertical and connected to B, E, though E is higher than D.