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Use your observations from problem 3-92 to answer the following questions:

  1. Thalia did not have a tool to help her determine the slope angle in the triangle at right. However, she claims that the slope angle has to be more than . Do you agree with Thalia? Why?

    An isosceles right triangle has a slope of and slope angle of . Does this triangle have a larger or smaller ratio? What does this tell us about the slope angle?

    Yes, because the slope ratio is greater than ,the angle must be greater than .

A right triangle with a base of 4 and height of 6.

  1. Lyra was trying to determine the slope ratio for the triangle at right, and she says the answer is . Isiah claims that cannot be correct. Who is right? How do you know?

    Use the same method as in part (a).

A right triangle with a 19 degree angle.

  1. Without determining the actual value, what information do you know about in the diagram at right?

    If the slope angle is , is the slope ratio more than or less than ?
    Does this mean that is greater than or less than ?

A right triangle with a base of x and height of 9. 76 degrees angle is in between the hypotenuse and base.