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You help out at the bowling alley on weekends. One of the arcade games has a bin filled with stuffed animals. A robotic arm randomly grabs a stuffed animal as a prize for the player. You are in charge of filling the bin.

  1. You are told that the probability of getting a stuffed giraffe today is . If there are giraffes in the bin, what is the total number of stuffed animals in the bin?

    If total stuffed animals:

  2. The next weekend, you see that the bin contains unicorns, gorillas, striped fish, and elephants. A shipment of stuffed whales arrives. What is the probability of getting a sea animal (whale or fish) if you add whales to the bin? Express the probability as a percent.

    To convert the probability from a fraction to a percent, convert the fraction into a fraction with a denominator of .

  3. You are told that the probability of selecting a stuffed alligator needs to be . One weekend you notice there are exactly alligators left. How many total animals should be in the bin to maintain the probability of  for an alligator?

    If total stuffed animals