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To get home, Renae can take one of four buses: #41, #28, #55, or #81. Once she is on a bus, she will randomly select one of the following activities: listening to her MP3 player, writing a letter, or reading a book.

  1. Create a tree diagram to show all of the different travel options that Renae could take.

    Here is a start to the tree diagram:

    Tree diagram, with 4 branches, top branch labeled, #41, has 3 branches, labeled, read, write, listen. Second main branch, labeled, #28. Third main branch, labeled, #55.

  2. Use your tree diagram to determine the following probabilities:

    1. (Renae takes an odd-numbered bus)

    2. (Renae does not write a letter)

    3. (Renae catches the #28 bus and then reads a book)

    4. (Renae does not read on the way home)

    Assuming all outcomes are equally likely:

    Find the numerator by counting from your tree diagram.

  3. Does her activity depend on which bus she takes? Explain why or why not.

    Look at your tree diagram. Do the possible activities change depending on which bus she takes?