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Examine each pair of polygons below. Are they similar? Explain how you know.

  1. One triangle has the angles 47 degrees and 27 degrees.  The other triangle has the angles 106 degrees and 27 degrees.

    Use the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem to determine whether or not at least two of the angles in each triangle are congruent.

  1. Two rectangles: The rectangle at left has a height of 12 inches and a base of 18 inches. The rectangle at right has a height of 64 inches and a base of 98 inches

    Check the ratios of the corresponding sides to see if they are equal.

  1. Two triangles. The triangle at left has angles of 52 degrees and 46 degrees. The triangle at right has an angle of 82 degrees.

    There is not enough information about the angles in the large triangle to determine whether or not the triangles are similar.