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Determine whether or not the two triangles in each pair below are similar.  If so, create a flowchart to show your reasoning. If not, explain why not.

  1. Triangle, A, B, C, is attached to triangle, D, E, C, at vertex point, c. Side, A C, is 18, side, A B, is 27, side, B C, is 12, Side, C E, is 8, and side, D E, is 18. Angle, B, and angle, E, are marked with two angle arcs.

    Check to see if the ratios of the corresponding sides are equal.

    Similar. Be sure to create a flowchart.

  1. Triangle, V, X, W, is attached to triangle, Y, X, Z, at vertex point, X, with sides labeled as follows: V X, 6, side, V W, 4, and single arrow, X W, 5, Y Z, 3, and single arrow.

    Parallel lines give special angles. Which angles are these?

    Similar by ~. Be sure to create a flowchart.