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Mariah is at her grandmother’s house which is located up on a hill. It is a very difficult hill to climb as it is steep. There are stairs leading up to her grandmother’s house. However, her grandmother now needs a ramp built so that she can use her wheelchair to get to the front door. Mariah designs a ramp and creates the diagram shown below. Is her diagram correct? Explain.

Obtuse triangle, with obtuse angle, labeled 140 degrees, on the bottom left, bottom right angle labeled 18 degrees, top angle labeled, 22 degrees. Top vertex is corner of drawn house. Left side of triangle labeled, land, & 8 feet, right side labeled, ramp, & 15 feet, base labeled 5 feet.

Check the Triangle Inequality and the lengths of the sides with the size of the opposite angles.

One of the errors includes the side lengths of the triangle. ft and ft add up to less than ft.