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Determine the area and perimeter of each shape below. Show all work.

  1. A quadrilateral with the sides labeled 10 feet, 11 feet, 2 feet and 5 feet in that order. There is a right angle between the 5, and, 10, feet sides and between the 2 and 11 feet sides.

    How can you divide this into easier shapes to find the area?

    A dashed line between the two non right angle vertices splits the quadrilateral into two right triangles.

    Remember to calculate the perimeter as well.

  1. A triangle surmounted on a square that is flush to the base at the right side of the triangle. Two right angles are shown at the base of the square. The base of the square is 20 centimeters. The right and left sides of the square have 1 tick mark with the right side labeled 20 centimeters. The triangle's top vertex is a right angle with the legs each having 1 tick mark. The base of the triangle is longer than 20 since the base goes past the top of the square to the left.

    All of the sides with 1 tick mark are labeled with 20 centimeters.

    Remember to calculate the perimeter as well.