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Sketch a graph that represents each situation. Describe the features of the graph completely.

  1. Rafael walks from his home to the store one mile away in minutes. He shops for minutes. Then he waits for a bus outside the store and takes the bus home. Represent his distance from home over time.

    First quadrant piecewise graph, x axis labeled, time (hours), y axis labeled, distance from home (miles), each scaled in quarters, from 0 to 1. Segment from origin to the point (0.25, comma 1), then goes horizontal almost to the point, (1, comma 1), then falls almost vertical to the x axis, at x, = 1.

  2. Sujata works at a gym hours a week. She makes /hr, plus a bonus for each new gym membership she sells. Represent her weekly earnings based on the number of gym memberships she sells.

    Your graph should be linear. If you are only graphing her weekly earnings, should the points be connected?

  3. Tom has in a savings account. For balances under , the bank does not pay interest. For balances over , the bank pays annual interest. On the last day of each month, Tom deposits . Represent his account balance over time.

    First quadrant graph, x axis labeled, time (months), scaled by ones from 0 to 6, y axis labeled labeled, balance ($), scaled by 250's from to 1000, 4 Horizontal steps, with width of 1, at y values of 500, 600, 800, 900. At x, = (4, comma 1000), the graph starts an increasing exponential curve.