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  1. A survey of local car dealers revealed that 64% of all cars sold last month had a Green Fang system, 28% had alarm systems, and 22% had both Green Fang and alarm systems. Homework Help ✎

    1. What is the probability one of these cars selected at random had neither Green Fang nor an alarm system?

    2. What is the probability that a car had Green Fang and was not protected by an alarm system?

    3. Are having Green Fang and an alarm system disjoint (mutually exclusive) events?

    4. Use the alternative definition of independence (see the Math Notes box in Lesson 7.2.3) to determine if having Green Fang is associated with having an alarm.

Make a Venn diagram or two-way table.

Use the percentage of cars that have Green Fang and the percentage of cars that have both Green Fang
and an alarm to find out the percentage of cars with only Green Fang.

No, because 22% of the cars had both systems.