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Of the students who choose to live on campus at Coastal College, are seniors. The most desirable dorm rooms are in the newly constructed OceanView dorm, and of the seniors live there while of the rest of the students live there.

  1. Represent these probabilities in a two-way table.

    Ocean View

    Not Ocean View



    Not senior

  2. What is the probability that a randomly selected resident of the OceanView dorm is a senior?

    Compare the percentage of seniors who live in OceanView to the percentage of total students who live in OceanView.

    Use the alternative definition of independence (see the Math Notes box in Lesson 7.2.3) to determine if being a senior is associated with living in the OceanView dorm.

    If events and are independent, then and .
    The converse of this statement is also true: If and , then and are independent.