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  1. Of the students who choose to live on campus at Coastal College, 10% are seniors. The most desirable dorm rooms are in the newly constructed OceanView dorm, and 60% of the seniors live there while 20% of the rest of the students live there. Homework Help ✎

    1. Represent these probabilities in a two-way table.

    2. What is the probability that a randomly selected resident of the OceanView dorm is a senior?

    3. Use the alternative definition of independence (see the Math Notes box in Lesson 7.2.3) to determine if being a senior is associated with living in the OceanView dorm.

Compare the percentage of seniors who live in OceanView to the percentage of total students who live in OceanView.


If events A and B are independent, then P(A and B) = P(AP(B).
The converse of this statement is also true: If P(A and B) = P(AP(B), then A and B are independent.