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Solve for in each diagram below. Show your work.

Review the Math Notes box in Lesson 8.2.2 for help determining the sum of the interior angles of a polygon.

  1. An equilateral triangle with angles labeled x.

  1. A polygon with angles 130 degrees, 46 degrees, x and 102 degrees in that order clockwise.

  1. A polygon with angles 10 x, 8 x minus 16 degrees, 12 x minus 8 degrees, 7 x plus 2 degrees, 9 x plus 4 degrees and 6 x plus 10 degrees in that order clockwise.

    ... = ?

  1. Two increasing parallel lines with a horizontal transversal. Angle x is the upper, exterior, angle about the left parallel line and the transversal. A pentagon is formed with line segments of the bottom, right parallel line and the right end of the transversal along with three other line segments. The angles from the end of the transversal, clockwise about the pentagon is 123, 90, 97, and 113 degrees.  The lower exterior angle between the transversal and the right parallel line is unknown.

    How are and the missing angle in the polygon related?