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A right triangle with a leg, x, and a hypotenuse, 7. An angle 58.5 degrees is opposite the unknown leg.Krista is trying to solve for in the triangle at right.

  1. What equation could Krista write?

    With the given angle of , is the adjacent side and is the hypotenuse.
    Which trigonometry ratio should you use?

  2. Compute without a calculatorKrista does not have a scientific calculator with trig buttons on it, but she does remember something funny her friend Juanisha told her. Juanisha’s favorite sine ratio is because is Juanisha’s birthday! Without using the trig buttons on your calculator, use Juanisha’s favorite ratio to solve your equation from part (a).

    Remember the sine of one acute angle in a right triangle equals the cosine of the other acute angle.
    Find the measure of the missing angle in the triangle, then use sine ratio.