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Consider each function below.


  1. Upward parabola labeled, y, = b of x, vertex at the point (negative 2, comma 4), passing through the point (0, comma 24).

  1. Describe each function completely.

    (i) is exponential. Use the starting value and multiplier to write the equation.
    (ii) is a quadratic. Use the vertex and the stretch factor to write the equation.

    is an increasing exponential function with a growth rate of or a multiplier of .
    The equation is
    is a quadratic function with vertex and a vertical stretch factor of . It is increasing for and has -intercept
    The equation is

  2. Sketch a graph of each function on the same set of axes. Based on what you know about quadratic and exponential growth, what will eventually happen to the graphs of the functions as gets large?

    Eventually will intersect and then exceed it.