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What is the domain and range of each function graphed below?

See problem 1-98 for help.

  1. Curved graph, with 2 decreasing sections and asymptotes at, x axis, &, y axis. Left section: as x values get more negative, y's approach, x axis from below, & as x values approach y axis, from left side, y values decrease rapidly, Right section: as x values approach, y axis, from right side, y values increase rapidly, &, as, x values get bigger, y's approach, x axis from above.

    Are there any asymptotes?

  1. Line segment, from open point at (negative 5, comma negative 4) to closed point, (6, comma 2)


  1. Downward parabola with vertex at (2, comma 1), passing through the points (0, comma negative 1).

    See hint above.