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  1. The Clean-Up Vacuum Company is designing a new upright vacuum cleaner. Homework Help ✎

    1. What shapes can they use to model this new vacuum cleaner?

    2. The Clean-Up Vacuum Company has decided to use a cylindrical model for the body of the vacuum. They want it to be 2.5 feet tall and have a circumference of 14 inches. If only 75% of the cylindrical body can hold the dirt from cleaning, how much dirt can the new upright vacuum hold?

Which 3-dimensional shapes can stand on their own?

Think of how each piece will be used.

Use a diagram to visualize the dimensions of the cylinder.

Recall the equation for the circumference.
How can that help you determine the radius of the cylinder?

75% of the body refers to 75% of the volume.

≈ 350.94 cubic inches