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Eliana is still working hard on her senior project. She has recorded the sunset time for at least one day a month through December. Her graph of the data is shown at right.

  1. Write a function that models the time the sun sets as a function of the week #, where June 1 is Week 1.

    One possibility is to use cosine.

    Find the variables for .

  2. What time should Eliana predict the sunset to take place during the first week of March (week 41)?

    Substitute into the answer from part (a).

First quadrant graph, x axis labeled, week #, from 0 to 32 scaled by 4's. y axis labeled, Sunset time, from noon to midnight every 4 hours, with discrete points following a sine wave. 2 points are highlighted & labeled, (4, comma 11.7), & (30, comma 3.7).