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  1. Factor each of the following expressions. Note that sin2(x) is the notation that is used for (sin(x))2. Homework Help ✎

    1. x2 – 4

    2. y2 – 81

    3. 1 – x2

    4. 1 – sin2(x)

Remember that a difference of two squares has a special factoring pattern.
a² − b² = (ab)(a + b).

(x + 2)(x − 2)

Use the same method as part (a).

This might look different than the expressions in parts (a) and (b), but you can use the same method to factor it.

(1 − x)(1 + x)

Think of sin² (x) as one big variable (like x²).
Then use the same method as part (c) to factor it.