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Write a possible equation for each graph.

  1. Downward parabola, vertex at (negative 4, comma 2), with points at (negative 5, comma 0), & (negative 3, comma 0).

    What kind of graph is this?

    Where is the vertex and what is another point on the graph?

    Use the vertex to write an equation in graphing form.
    Then substitute the coordinates of another point in for and to solve for .

  1. Decreasing rational function, asymptotes: x axis &, x, = 2, left section, opens down, is below x axis & left of, x, = 2, & passes through the point (1, comma negative 1). Right section, opens up, is above, x axis, & right of, x, = 2, & passes through the point (3, comma 1).

    The parent graph is and the locator point is .

  1. Decreasing cubic function, centered at (0, comma 3), passing through the point, (1, comma 2).

    This is a cubic function that is decreasing instead of increasing.