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Solve each of the following systems algebraically. What do the solutions tell you about the graph of each system? Visualizing the graphs may help with your description.

  1. Use substitution to solve the system.

    The solution to the system is .
    Describe what that tells you about the system.

    If you can't visualize the system, graph both equations and look at the point .
    If it doesn't look important, check your graphs.

  1. Rewrite the first equation so it's in = form. Then use substitution to solve.

    See part (a).

  1. Use substitution to solve the system.

    The solutions to the system are and .

    If you didn't get the solution given above, check to be sure you squared correctly then distributed the .

    If you need help with the description, refer to More Help in part (a).

  1. Refer to part (c).

    How many solutions did you get? What does that tell you about the graphs?