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Daniela, Kieu, and Duyen decide to go to the movies one hot summer afternoon. The theater is having a summer special called Three Go Free. They will get free movie tickets if they each buy a large popcorn and a large soft drink. They take the deal and spend a total of on large popcorns and soft drinks. The next week, they go back again, only this time, they each pay for a ticket, they each get a large soft drink, but they share one large bucket of popcorn. This return trip costs them a total of .

  1. What is the price of a large soft drink and the price of a large bucket of popcorn?

    Set up a system of two equations to find the prices of a large popcorn and a drink.

    popcorn and drink

  2. Did you write two equations or did you use another method? If you used another method, write two equations now and solve them. If you already used a system of equations, skip this part.