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  1. For each given population, create a research question and at least one survey question that can help you answer your research question. Assume your math class is the representative sample you will survey. Homework Help ✎

  2. Example:

    Population: students at my school
    Research Question: How many students at our school would take advantage of extended library hours?
    Survey Question for my Math Class: If the school library were open at 7:15 a.m., would you use it at least once per week?

  3. Example:

    Population: all high school math students in the U.S.
    Research Question: Why do high school students take math?
    Survey Question for my Math Class: The main reason I’m taking this class is:

  4. 1) It is a graduation requirement.

    2) It is a college prerequisite.

    3) My parents are making me.

    4) I’m interested in math.

    5) For some other reason.

Answers will vary. Do your best to create an unbiased question.

Research: What is the average commute distance to school for teenagers?

Survey: What is the distance from where you live to school?