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The Bright Idea Lighting Company wants to determine what proportion of LED flashlights that come off of its assembly line are defective. A quality engineer takes many samples of  flashlights over the week and determines the proportion that are defective in each sample. The results of the tests have been ordered from low to high and are shown below:

Proportion of defective flashlights in  samples


  1. What is the mean proportion of defective flashlights (as a percentage)?

    The sum of the data is and there are samples.

  2. What are the upper and lower bounds of the sample-to-sample variability?

    These are the average of the th and th items and the average of the th and th items on the list.


  3. Predict the proportion of defective flashlights (in percent) in the whole population and give the margin of error.

    There is a different in the upper and lower bounds, therefore we predict of the flashlights will be defective.