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Home > INT3 > Chapter 7 > Lesson 7.2.5 > Problem 7-115


Consider the graph at right.

  1. Is the graph a function? Explain.

    What causes a graph to be a function or not a function?
    Look up 'function' in the glossary if you aren't sure.

  2. Sketch the inverse of this graph. Is the inverse a function? Justify your answer.

    Reflect the graph across .
    Are there any -values that have more than one -value?

  3. Must the inverse of a function be a function? Explain.

    Consider several different functions and their inverses.

  4. Describe a characteristic of functions that have inverse functions.

    See part (a).
    Think about how this rule is translated to the inverse.

  5. Could the inverse of a non-function be a function? Explain or give an example.

    Think about functions whose inverses are non-functions.
    What about the inverse of that inverse?