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What is the measure of in the diagram at right? List any subproblems that were necessary to solve this problem.

Recall the angle relationship between vertical angles.
Can you isolate one variable on one side of the equation?

If lines and are parallel, then what is true about angles and ?

Solve the system:

Once you know the values of and , determine the angles in the triangle.

Line segments, C A, &, P B, intersect at a point labeled, M, with segments from, C, to, P, & from, A, to, B, creating 2 triangles with a shared vertex, labeled as follows: Sides, C P, & A B, each have 2 arrows, angle, C, labeled 4 x minus 3 y, angle, P M C labeled, 2 x + 3 y, angle A, 65 degrees, angle A M B, 3 x minus y.