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  1. Eniki has a sequence of numbers given by the formula t(n) = 4(5)n. Homework Help ✎

    1. What are the first three terms of Eniki’s sequence?

    2. Toby thinks the number 312,500 is a term in Eniki’s sequence. Is he correct? Justify your answer by either giving the term number or explaining why it is not in the sequence.

    3. Elisa thinks the number 94,500 is a term in Eniki’s sequence. Is she correct? Explain.

t(1) = 4(5)1
t(2) = 4(5)2
. . .

4(5)n = 312500

5n = 78125

How many factors of 5 can go into 78125?

Follow the steps from part (b).

No, because solving the equation 94500 = 4(5)n does not result in a positive integer.